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What A Amazing Year #2016


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Fit-2-Function and our trainers would like to wish everyone a very HAPPY New Year! This past year has been one hell of a busy year for our F2F Team, people at this time have a tendency to happily see the year out and anticipate all the highs that they hope the new year will bring. However, we all experience lows but for each year to be a success, you must go search for it - we certainly did this year!

Always aim high, be ambitious and don’t let setbacks or worries hinder your strive.

We are however, excited for 2017 and what we as a team and our clients can achieve! We have lots to top 2016 but no doubt the hectic-ness will only hit a new level.

2016 at F2F:

✅ SIX - 30 Day Fitness Challenges

✅ TWO - 30 Day Weight Challenges

✅ THREE - 30 Days New York (USA)

✅ Ironman 140.6mi

✅ New York Half Marathon

✅ New York Dash-5k

✅ Awarded Black Belt

✅ Irish KickBoxing Champion (4/5 consecutively)

✅TWO - BST Races

✅ Gallion Hallion

✅ The Establishment of MissFit Clothing

Opening Tomorrow Monday 2nd January!

If you are part of the F2F Team comment below the highlights of your healthy and fit year with us!

If you want to be part of one of the best all round fitness teams get in touch via PM or

Tel: 07979677697



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