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What can be achieved in such a sort time‼️

3 Exercises 30 Days

❌No Protein Supplements

❌No Enhancements (Legal or Illegal)

❌No Macro Counting

❌No Magic Diet (Ask Brown Sugar 😂)

❌No Weights

✅3 Exercises a Day

✅Train Everyday For 30 Days

✅Having Fun While Training (Training in different places with others)

✅Kept Training Even With A Fractured Ankle

At the start of February, I decided to set myself a new goal, I decided to train everyday for 30 days just using 3 different exercises (all body weight).

I don’t know why I did this but I was just sick of training and with no goals set I had nothing to train towards.

With setting myself this challenge I found a new love for training and I really enjoyed this months session.

With an end goal ahead of me there was that push that I needed to get of my ass and train, even on a Sunday where I usually just chill out.

I did this challenge for myself and not to please anyone else or something to post on social media to tell you all everyday that im doing this challenge and how I am struggling etc.

The end result was a big shock to me and I didn’t realize that my appearance would change so much by just doing 3 of the basic exercises which can be done anywhere every at home, repeatedly everyday.

I know I said there was no magic diet but this would not be suitable for everyone. As a highly trained athlete my body utilizes food completely different than the average gym goer. I burn calories at a much higher rate which means if I don’t train for a good 6 months or so I will still have extremely low body fat.

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