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Welcome to FIT-2-FUNCTION's  30 Day Fitness Challenge.

Our philosophy -

We don't believe in sweating without a smile.

We don't believe in pain without pleasure.

What we do believe in is creating a change for life.


We take the challenge seriously, very seriously!

With each and every participant we inspire,

excite and energise.

We are big on rules! The challenge requires

100% commitment towards both the training

and food plan. Adhere to our rules and you will shine!

With the continued success of our 30 Days Fitness Challenge and amazing transformations we have decided to share our knowledge, training and stories with you all. 

There are no limits to the 30 Day Fitness Challenge - irrespective of fitness level, weight, age, gender and exercise history. Does any of the below interest you? 

           ✔️ Lose Weight


           ✔️ Tone Up

           ✔️ Improve Overall Physical Fitness

           ✔️ Help Mental Fitness & Healthy Wellbeing 

           ✔️ Learn The Correct Nutrition Your Body Needs

What Is The 30 

Day Challenge About?


Everything You Need To Know

Simply train everyday for 30 days! 

Our programme is designed with exceptional detail to

take you through each day of your challenge.


We have created a workout for every day of the 30 days.


We have made it easy and understanding by including 

in your programme a workout video for every workout 

guiding you step by step every second of the way!


Not sure on correct form when doing certain exercises

or feel you need an alternative way of doing them?

Its okay we have it all covered!






The exercise programme alone can't work offhandedly,

your nutrition is equally important to us. 


That is why we have our own Food Plan Supplement

included in our challenge programme.


The food plan has been constructed carefully with our

knowledge of how we can help you maximise your

results in just 30 days. Its clear and easy to follow.


We encourage you to eat more,

who could argue with that?!  


The 30 Day Fitness Challenge will take you on a journey, experiencing things you never thought possible physically and mentally! There is nothing more invigorating than feeling healthier, fitter, stronger, more confident and driven! 


Owen Mulligan - November 2017 & January 2017


Three time All-Ireland winner and All-Star

Owen Mulligan has undertook our

30 Day Fitness Challenge twice, earlier this year ahead

of making the move to play for London.  


The former Tyrone forward also known as "Mugsy"

underwent a phenomenal physical transformation

inspiring him to return to  County football.


The 30 Day Fitness Challenge re-built his fitness

from his peak days and conditioned his body like

never before.  


Owen described the intensity of our training as high,

stimulating and highly rewarding in every way possible. 




Chris - January 2017 & August 2017


"Just finished up my second 30 Day Challenge this year

and I am more than happy with my results and with the help

of Noel, Arlene and the rest of the F2F team I have lost

3 stone since January.


As someone who suffers from depression I find that the

30 Day Challenge helps me keep on top of my illness and

my energy levels are always high.  


I am not originally from the Cookstown area so I personally

felt it a great way of meeting new people and making new

friends because of the very friendly atmosphere which the

guys have created. If you are prepared to listen and put in the

hard work then the 30 Day Challenge is for you"












Chelsea - August 2017


"I started off doing my first 30 Day Fitness Challenge with

Fit-2-Function afraid and anxious of being around people

especially people i did not know.


Slowly and over time they put me in situations I wouldn't 

normally put myself in because of my anxiety and I have to

say it was the best thing that anyone has ever done for

me because it made me in control and not my anxiety.


I have let anxiety take control of my life for 12 years and

thanks to Fit-2-Functions trainers and the 30 Day Challenge,

I feel like I am in control and I couldn't have done that if it

wasn't for pushing me and placing me in those situations".  


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