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Ultra Marathon 😱

Last weekend the 10th & 11th Dec a few from our club attempted a 120 mile run up and down Sleive Gallion Mountain in Moneymore. 3 mile up & 3mile down (6 mile a lap)

Noel Tierney, Arlene Maguire, Conor Bayne Peter McElhone & Mark McNulty took on this challenge and i got to say i never seen a team of guys that pulled together and was there for each other every step of they way.

We all started as a team and we finished as a team.The laps where:💪 Conor 15 Laps💪Mark 11 Laps💪Noel 10 Laps💪Arlene 9 Laps💪Pete 8 LapsI could not of asked for a better bunch of people to do this challenge with #f2f #fit2function #team #challenge

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