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30 Day Challenge

And we have made it through January!!

Its been a hectic yet epic month to start the year with especially with two 30 Day Challenges operating back to back - and we have just recently announced another for February! Our 30 Days Fitness Challenge ends this coming weekend, they have been a very hard-working group, who gelled extremely well together and charged through every task as team. Its been so much fun and even though we are looking forward to a few weeks break to catch up on some rest it is as always highly rewarding to see our challenge groups changing incredibly and looking amazing!!

if you do to and are not sure what is involved then i simply ask that you watch the attached video, and i am most certain in saying that you will be watching thrilled and thinking to yourself yes thats what i want. Gyms are overrated, coming from us thats saying a lot!!

A challenge - YES

But its only one month.

Physically tiring - YES

But its disciplining you for the future.

Best results - ALWAYS

Skilled trainers that know how to achieve more in less time.


Its like your new family for the month.

Guidance - YES

we are here 24 hours.

Are you capable - 100%


Limited spaces left so book asap to avoid disappointment.

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